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Wood Carving/Sculpture Tuition
The art of carving is a tremendously pleasurable and rewarding practice with endless possibilities of subject matter to explore. It is a combination of learning two main fundamental skills; technique and creativity, which are interdependent on each other in order to produce original art forms.
I am a qualified Further Educational tutor with 30 years of experience, both in schools and privately from my studio in Church Knowle, Dorset. This in combination with my own work, has given me the experience of studying numerous areas of form and style, to attain an extensive understanding of the technical and creative skills that are essential to successfully produce both realistic and artistic form. This has enabled me to architect a structured, effective, logical and highly successful method of tuition, for those who wish to learn this challenging and complex subject.
My classes are normally held on a Monday, and are two-hour sessions with a maximum of four students. One to one lessons are also available, as are one, two or three day courses. The classes are very relaxed, informal, and bespoke to suit the individual needs and level of ability of each student. You can either choose your own project to study or use one of mine and I will provide all of the materials, tools, support and advice that you need.
If you would like to learn the art of woodcarving and sculpture, or if you have some experience and would like to broaden your skills, then please contact me for further details via the 'Request Tuition' link below.
Andrew Thomas - 'Learn to Carve in the Round'
A book for readers wishing to learn the technical and creative skills of design, wood carving and sculpture

Andrew Thomas - Learn to Carve in the Round

a selection of my students projects - Click to enlarge

Penguin By John Bolton

Penguin by John Bolton

John Fossey - Abstract Form

Abstract Sculpture by John Fossey

Penguin By Iain Friend

Penguin By Iain Friend

Steve Graham - Green Man

Green Man By John Fossey

Royal Fusiliers Badge by Syd Coule

Elephant - By Phil Carter

REME Badge by Syd Coule

Bull Walrus By Tilly Rudken

Little Owl by Jim Roach

Jim Roach - Gazelle

Swan by John Fossey

Snow Leopard by Steve Graham

Horse by Vic Hickman

Venus De Milo by David Whiddett

Green Man by Helen Burns

Art Deco Dove by Jim Roach

Male Torso by Pauline Gover

Barn Owl by Phil Carter

Open Book by John Fossey

Falcon by Syd Coule

Walking Woman by Steve Graham

Rococo Mirror Frame by Ellis Hobbs

Green Man by Phil Carter

Lovers by David Whiddett

RNA Project by Ellis Hobbs

Hereford Bull by Phil Carter

REME Badge by Syd Coule

Abstract Sculpture by Ray Harris

Torso by Vic Hickman

Horse Head by Phil Carter

Female Climber by David Whiddett

Mute Swan by Ray Harris

Horse Head by John Fossey

Abstract Swan by Vic Hickman

Polar Bear by Phil Carter

Moon Gazing Hare by John Fossey

Green Man by Vic Hickman

Horse Head 2 by Phil Carter

Fossil by Vic Hickman

Spaniel by Syd Coule

Raptor by David Whiddett

Abstract Sculpture 2 by Ray Harris

Hare by Vic Hickman

Wave Form Sculpture by Phil Carter

Swan Sculpture by Ray Harris

African Mask by Syd Coule

Elephant by Ray Harris

Andrew Thomas - Pure-Art
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