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  Female Series
"The 'Female' series is a enchanting exploration of the rich tapestry of emotional energies and inner fortitude embodied by women. Through dynamic poses captured from live models, these semi-abstract artworks delve into the multifaceted human characteristics and energies that shape each individual life. Inspired by the diverse range of experiences and resilience found within the female psyche, the 'Female' series celebrates the strength, vulnerability, and complexity inherent in femininity. Each piece serves as a profound study, capturing the essence of these emotional energies in a visually compelling manner. Using a blend of form, colour, and gesture, these artworks offer a nuanced portrayal of the myriad emotions that define the female experience. From moments of quiet introspection to displays of fierce determination, the 'Female' series invites viewers to embark on a journey of exploration and contemplation, celebrating the unique spirit and journey of each woman."
Andrew Thomas - Pure-Art
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