Essence of Purbeck Series by Andrew Thomas -

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Essence of Purbeck Series
"The 'Essence of Purbeck' series delves into the underlying energetic life force within nature and landscape, exploring how the energy frequency and vibration of the universe give rise to diverse manifestations of organic life. Through the use of language, symbols, patterns, and sacred geometry, the series adds texture and content, seamlessly bridging the gap between dimensions. Drawing inspiration from the rich forms found in nature — from earth's bulging contours to the subtle surface anatomy revealed by shifting light — I derive endless design ideas. These elements are meticulously arranged to create harmonious compositions that capture both the organic essence and pulsating vitality of the natural world. At the core of sculptural form lies dynamic energy, mirroring the vitality seen in fossils, plants, and natural textures. Incorporating negative space, akin to the openness of eroded rock formations, enhances the sculpture's life-like quality, engaging viewers on multiple sensory levels. Ultimately, my goal is to captivate viewers with the timeless language and depth of nature's beauty, expressed through the artistry of sculpture."
Purbeck Form One
Purbeck Form Two
Purbeck Form Three
Purbeck Form Four
Purbeck Form Five
Purbeck Form Six
Purbeck Form Seven
Purbeck Form Eight
Purbeck Form Nine
Andrew Thomas - Pure-Art
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