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Andrew Thomas
"The essence of Pure-Art is its soul, the life force, the innermost being or nature, embedded in its fabric by the artist’s conscious intention. Art that has a purpose of something, way beyond that of merely ornamental"
Developing the ability to manifest ‘Pure-Art’ evolves over a lifetime of creative practice and personal growth of awareness and intuition. It is a combination of two vital elements: Technique; the mastery of being at one with the medium, working in harmony with the creative energy flowing into the material. Creativity; the ability to use our innermost intelligence/consciousness to connect us with the creative pool through which we manifest form, bringing heaven to earth in its purity.
My current series of works embody the inner glow of life, a glimpse into the essence of consciousness, which speak about the profound and infinite depth of the soul, its evolution, transformation and interconnectedness to all universal life. They also speak about the connection of religion, philosophy and spirituality. The symbolism provides clues to the content; the miraculous, mysterious and complexity of the multi-layered experience of humanity, harmoniously entwined with the sacred geometry of the universe.
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