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Andrew Thomas SWAc
Andrew Thomas is a professional sculptural artist based in Purbeck, Dorset, with a lifelong career in the arts, spanning back over the past 35 years. He is a full member of the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts, and has exhibited in the UK’s most prestigious events, against many of the Great Masters of art and contemporaries of our time. His visionary artistic expression reflects the depth of his research across multiple subjects of interest, noted for its innovation and outstanding technical distinction, winning numerous top international awards, and can be found in private collections worldwide. Andrew is also a private tutor and published author, who has written prolifically about his subject with his own title and over 80 international publications.
Curatorial Projects
"The essence of Pure-Art is its soul, the life force, the innermost being or nature, embedded in its fabric by the artist’s conscious intention. Art that has a purpose of something, way beyond that of merely ornamental"
“I have been fortunate enough to spend my working life immersed in the creative art of sculpture, investigating many profound and fascinating subjects, including humanity, consciousness and our connection to the cosmos. I’m currently exploring Eastern philosophies and their mysterious depths of wisdom, which has enabled me to produce a mature level of thought-provoking, expressive, and powerful works over recent years. I enjoy the ability to diversify between subjects and express their language by form of abstraction and visionary artwork. I work primarily in wood, using the deconstruction process of carving to explore the infinite possibilities of form within the block, and immensely appreciate the versatility of this dense organic medium. My works are then cast in bronze metal, which offers the permanence of a medium that can be experienced and treasured for generations"
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